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Item                                       Description

4608101             MW810BPP MicroRaves 29.5oz Base  00721844414982_A1C0

4338100             L810PP MicroRaves PP Shallow Dome Lid for MW810MicroRaves Clear MW Lid for MW800s

4581801             DV8010 Deli View 29.5oz Base  00721844402286_A1C0

4380000              L8000 Flat PETE Lid for MW810/DV8010  Clear Flat Lid for MW800s and DV8000s

PZ1616         Pizza Shrink Film Rolls 800 Sheets-8″  Pizza   00721844200431_A1C0

PZ1818         Pizza Shrink Film Rolls 700 Sheets-9″ Pizza   00721844200431_A1C0

7021362       Stretch Meat Film 13″ x 5,000′