Consumers have made off-premise part of their daily lives. Consider this: 54% of consumers report it is essential to the way they live, and over 60% say they will order more takeout and delivery in 2022 – a number that leaps over 70% for consumers 18 to 41 years old. Yet, Datassential found only 1 in 3 consumers feel takeout and delivery food quality has improved. Restaurants delivering the best meal experiences will win. Better packaging converts this opportunity into loyal growth.


After a takeout or delivery meal is packaged, the clock begins on preserving the meal experience. An average of 30-minutes pass as food waits for pickup, travels, and is brought to the table. Over that time, the meal must stay warm, delicate textures must remain crisp and presentation must be preserved. Test packaging on this timeframe, in a simulated delivery process, to identify the packages that perform best.

Polypropylene (PP) packages excel at holding heat. But for hot and crisp favorites, like breaded chicken or fries, the moisture this heat creates must be vented. Technomic consumer research found Crisp Food Technologies® was best at venting excess humidity to protect texture while retaining heat – even over 30 minutes. Because food stayed hot and crispy, consumers experienced better taste.


Alternatively, for rich and saucy meals, sturdy, compartmented packages with leak-resistant closures prevent messy spills while retaining heat and keeping proteins and sides separated. Clear, anti-fog lids reduce errors and enable staff to check orders before pickup without opening the lid and releasing the foods’ heat. PP excels here as well, and unlike fiber or foam, is consumer reusable and remains recyclable after use.


Better packaging is an investment in protecting customer acquisition costs and securing the next order. It is also something consumers value. 58% of all adults say they’d be willing to pay a little more for upgraded packaging. This number jumps to over 70% for those that choose takeout and delivery most – consumers 18 to 41 (Gen Z adults and Millennials). A 2% premium on the order price will cover the increased investment in packaging for most operators.

Improved packaging pays additional benefits. How many of your customers experience your food for the first time through delivery or takeout?  Packages that protect the meal experience longer enable operators to successfully offer more of their menu over a larger delivery radius. Better meals reduce costly comps for unsatisfied customers. Also, strategically selected geometries convey larger servings while supporting portion control, enabling slight item quantity reductions to lower food costs and maintain or even improve profit margins.


Better packaging is your key to unlocking order, revenue and profit growth by delivering the best experience.