Crisp Food Container

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Crisp Food Technologies® 10.5″ x 9.5″ Hinged Container

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY 4669109 The Crisp Food Technologies Containers® uses an exclusive,convection cross-flow technology design to relieve moisture and condensation, while maintaining product temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation, along with raised airflow channels in the base of the container, combined with venting in the anti-fog lid, ensure that fried foods remain crispy. The unique design of this packaging system retains internal temperatures better than the market-leading rigid container currently in use for fried foods. And, like all Culinary Series containers, it is designed to withstand up to 230°F when placed in warming unit displays,  under heat lamps and in the microwave. Independent, side-by-side tests at several leading retailers and restaurant chains demonstrate that the Crisp Food Technologies® Containers preserved temperature and texture of fried foods longer than competitive materials during 30-minute delivery.  It also outperformed the leading fried chicken container in the Supermarket Deli hot case: Better texture, better temperature retention, better tasting fried foods. The package holds up to 8 large pieces of chicken, as well a variety of other fried food items.  It is made of polypropylene (#5PP), and is microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and consumer reusable and recyclable.

SKU: 4669101
Product Number: CB910F
UPC Code: 72184442258 1
GTIN-14 Code: 00 72184442258 1
Capacity: 74 oz. / 2188ml
Dimensions: 10.56" x 9.98" x 3.49" / 26.82cm x 25.35cm x 8.86cm
Application/Temperature: Cold Foods, Refrigerated Foods, Hot Foods, Heat Lamps, Microwavable, Warming Units
Material: PP-Polypropylene #5 PP
Sustainability: Consumer Re-usable, Eligible for Recycling
Case Pack: 100
Case Weight: 20.14 lbs / 9.14 kg
Case Dimensions: 20.77" x 17.71" x 21.74" / 52.8cm x 45cm x 55.2cm
Case Cube: 4.63 ft3 / .13 m3
Cases Layer: 6
Cases High: 4
Cases Pallet: 24