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Crisp Food Technologies®Sample Kit

This kit contains: CF1940-2-4601945      Oval 2-Compartment 11" x 7" Black Base CF1948 – 4601948       Oval 1-Compartment 11” x 7” Black Base CF1900L-4331900        Oval 1-Compartment Clear Lid CB910F-4669101          Hinged 9.5” x 10.5” Clear Lid/Black Base CF6911-4666915          Hinged 6” x 9” Clear Lid/Black Base CF85321-4608521        Square 1-Compartment 8.5" Black Base CF85323-4608523        Square 3-Compartment 8.5" Black Base CFL85-4338501             Square 1-Compartment Clear Lid CF6611-4666620           Hinged 6" x 6" Clear Lid/Black Base CF6611C-4666625         Hinged 6" x 6" Clear Lid/Clear Base CF9911-4669020            Hinged 9" x 9" Clear Lid/Black Base CF424-4541424               Rectangle 1-Compartment 9" x 6" Black Base CFL4-4334024                  Rectangle 1-Compartment 9" x 6" Clear Lid

SKU: 9410905
Product Number: 9410905