Anchor Packaging’s mission is to be the global innovation leader in the design and manufacture of rigid food containers and all-purpose foodservice cling film, while doing so in an environment that focuses on food safety and the safety of our employees.  Since 1963, we have been committed to protecting food through new technology and protecting the environment through the use of environmentally-friendly materials.  Our guiding mandate is the EPA hierarchy of Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.


Our goal is to excel, and then continuously improve, in our ability to satisfy food packaging and food protection needs for the end-user consumer.  By protecting food throughout its entire life-cycle from preparation, through transit, to the consumer, and even within the consumer’s home, we conserve valuable natural resources, reduce waste, and help create our vision for a sustainable circular economy.


With the leading customers in each market we serve, we have provided joint-development partnerships that accelerate speed to market of customized packaging, with consistently high quality and at a price that fits their market strategy.  We have received award recognition in North America and globally for our product innovation. Anchor Packaging’s product lines include Crisp Food Technologies® containers that keep fried foods hot and crispy on display and for 30-minute home delivery, Safe Pinch® Tamper-Evident containers for cold food grab and go, as well as affordable, upscale packaging for restaurant take-out and to merchandise prepared ready-to-heat foods in supermarkets and convenience stores. Anchor’s unique stock product line includes over 450 rigid packages and cling film products.


Our vision is to delight our customers with value-driven, innovative products and services. Our products are designed and manufactured at the lowest cost, in an efficient, safe and sanitary operating environment.  This is the foundation upon which we have built, and will continue to accelerate, a sustainable trajectory of increased sales and profits for Anchor and our partners.