SAFE PINCH Tamper-Evident

SAFE PINCH® Tamper-Evident Containers

Intuitive One-Step Pinch to Open Preferred by Consumers!

Tamper-evident clear, hinged containers from 8 to 32 ounces rectangles and squares in assorted sizes. The intuitive, one-step “Pinch To Open” hinge design provides an audible break while pinching confirming the package is open. The opened hinge becomes  easy-opening tabs for the consumer. There are no loose pieces from tear strips as in other brands. Visible separation of the hinge signals tampering in the store alerting the staff of the issue. The warning message alerts the consumer to look for the raised tab.   The quick four corner audible snap closure is easy to close by hand or on automated equipment. Patented venting in some sizes allows fruits and vegetables to respirate. Material: RPET-Recycled Post-Consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate #1 PET; Eligible for Recycling.

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