Gourmet Classics

Gourmet Classics® Hinged Containers

Perfect Hinged Solution for Salads, Baked Goods and More!

Gourmet Classics® hinged containers with upscale black or clear bases and crystal-clear lids optimize food visibility. The anti-condensation technology in cold temperatures provides consistent lid clarity to let your appealing food shine thru to increased impulse sales and avoid order errors. Consumer-friendly tear-away lids make it easy to eat on the go with lid interlocked under the base for optional use later. One-piece clamshells eliminate the need to inventory separate lids. Secure, leak-resistant lid fit ensures freshness, eliminating spills when transporting. Easy one-hand closure makes an audible sound so you know it’s closed. Available in deep and shallow 6″, 7.5″, and 9″ diameters.  Material: RPET-Recycled Post-Consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate #1 PET; Eligible for Recycling.

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