Mega-Meal® Half Steam Containers

Upscale Black Bases and Clear Lids Dress Up Any Event!

Family serving size, containers in 80 and 100 ounce capacities with one clear, leak-resistant lid to fit both. Similar size to the half-size steam pans popular in catering and buffets. Excellent for use in steam tables* when used in hot water trays. Sturdy, rigid base is made with 40% less oil-based resin with natural additives.  The clear, anti-fog lid provides food visibility without opening, keeping the contents fresh until serving time. Packages withstand temperatures to 230℉ under heat lamps, in warming units, catering hot boxes, or microwaves. *Not for use in direct contact with sterno flame.  Material: PP-Polypropylene #5 PP; Consumer Re-usable, Eligible for Recycling.

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