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Create Great Meal Experiences to Increase Revenue and Profits
In the world of restaurant food off-premise, winning means delivering unforgettable meal experiences. And the secret sauce? It’s better packaging that transforms this opportunity into loyal growth.
The 30-Minute Test: Food Delivery Packaging That Performs

Once your meal is expertly packaged in our top-notch food delivery containers, the clock starts. In about 30 minutes, your food goes from the kitchen to your customers’ tables. We rigorously test our packaging with our food service partners to ensure they keep your meal hot, textures intact, and presentation appealing.

Keep the heat, not the condensation

Our polypropylene (PP) food delivery containers excel at retaining heat. For crispy favorites like breaded chicken or fries, our Crisp Food Technologies® containers vent excess moisture and condensation while preserving texture and keeping your meal hot – even after 30 minutes.

Impeccable Presentation with Food Delivery Packaging

For saucy dishes, our sturdy, leak-resistant Incredi-Bowls®, MicroRaves®, and Culinary Lites® containers maintain heat while separating proteins and sides in some sizes. Clear, anti-fog lids let staff double-check orders without opening, which loses heat. Plus, polypropylene is consumer-friendly and recyclable after multiple uses.

Boosting Sales and Profits with Food Delivery Containers

Investing in better food delivery packaging safeguards customer acquisition costs and secures repeat orders. Our packages expand your delivery radius and reduce compensation for dissatisfied customers. Thoughtful designs convey a variety of portion sizes while maintaining profit margins.

Better food containers are the key to unlocking more orders, higher revenues, and increased profits, delivering the best experience to your customers.

Have Questions? Get Answers Here:
1. Are Anchor Packaging’s food delivery containers environmentally friendly?

Yes, all of our hot food delivery containers are made from polypropylene (PP), which is consumer-reusable and recyclable after multiple uses. We also offer PETE packages for refrigerated or ambient food options. We prioritize sustainability in our packaging solutions while considering both performance and eco-friendliness.

2. How can using better packaging actually boost sales and profits for my takeout food?

High-quality food delivery containers can increase customer satisfaction, repeat orders, and positive reviews. When customers receive their meals in excellent condition, tasting the way the chef intended, they’re more likely to order from your restaurant again and recommend it to others, ultimately driving revenue and profits.

3. What types of food are best suited for Anchor Packaging’s food delivery containers?

Our food delivery containers are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of food types. From hot and crispy fried items to broiled or baked entrees and saucy dishes, our packaging solutions are designed to preserve taste, texture, and presentation across various cuisines and meal types. Taste the difference for yourself by requesting samples from our website.

4. More Questions?

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