Culinary Tamper Safe

Culinary Tamper Safe™ Hinged Containers

Clear Tamper-Evident Protection

Extra security to discourage tampering or tasting food on the go.  These clear, hinged 9″ x 9″ containers have a single or three-compartment base option, each with a one-compartment, clear anti-fog lid.  The leak-resistance perimeter closure keeps food and juices inside while securing the seal to prevent opening in transit or on display.  The intuitive “Hold-Lift” hinge creates the consumer easy-opening tabs when ready to enjoy the meal without fear that someone has opened it after leaving the food service kitchen.  There are no loose pieces from tear strips as in other brands. Perfect for all types of hot or cold foods.  Material: PP-Polypropylene #5 PP; Reuse and Eligible for Recycling.

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