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IS_logo        Packaging     June 2014


Focus on portions that can be consumed in one sitting.

by Bob Sims

Packaging not only keeps products from spoiling and staling, but also plays the important role of stimulating consumptive behavior in shoppers. With a large portion of bakery shoppers—and some deli and foodservice—purchasing on impulse and wanting convenience, grocery retailers should place a large focus on their packaging in these departments. Convenience packaging especially ensures easy opening and closing of packages which is of the utmost importance to today’s busy consumer.

The Convenience Shopper

When targeting convenience shoppers through packaging, two important factors to consider are usable portions and re-sealable containers. The convenience shopper doesn’t look for portions that can’t be consumed in one sitting. But if leftovers do exist, make sure it’s easy for consumers to re-seal the package for easy keeping and consumption at a later time.

Usable portions also provide a way to control the waste of product and the labor involved with getting the product from creation to the consumer. By getting the exact amount of product wanted to the consumer, efficiency is maximized.


Marketing trends are placing an increasing emphasis on the look, sales appeal and quality of retail packaging. Packaging helps sell products by providing product differentiation and presentation, greater brand awareness and convenience. The continuously changing demands of consumers will require higher quality graphics and promotional links between graphics and advertising to support brand identities, plus the ability to reflect current consumer trends and images. A package must protect what it sells and sell what it protects. Modern methods of consumer marketing would fail were it not for the messages communicated on the package.

As packaging’s role in the initial enticement of the shopper gains momentum, it has to cater to needs such as providing product information, shelf appeal and establishing brand awareness. This responsibility falls to the supermarket executive and bakery and deli managers. Make sure your packaging fulfills these responsibities before putting your products on display. Use creativity to make packaging unique and grab the attention of your shoppers. Keep in mind that there is a small window when trying to grab the attention of a shopper looking for convenience.

Convenience shoppers hurry through the deli or bakery most of the time. Keeping this in mind when you design the labels and put them on the packaging before display. As shoppers looking for convenience browse the bakery and deli, there eyes will just scan for the information. If they’re in a hurry, rarely will they take the time to pick up multiple products and read each label in its entirety.

Use slightly larger and bolder fonts for labeling. This will ensure that your convenience minded shoppers will get the information they’re looking for quickly and accurately. Narrow down the most pertinent facts you want them to see and make sure those are easily viewable.

Small Portions Make More Cents