Culinary Classics® Convertible Containers


St. Louis, MO) May 9, 2013 Delivering the same upscale quality you have come to expect from the Anchor Packaging Culinary Classics® line, these one-piece, hinged containers have been redesigned with a perforated hinge that allows the consumer to easily remove the lid for a table-ready presentation.

Available as 9″ x 9″ and 9.5″ x 10.5″ in either 1 or 3 compartments, the six containers comprising this product line can handle temperatures up to 230°F when used under heat lamps, in warming units, or in the microwave.  The unique design of this packaging system retains internal temperatures better than other rigid containers, while venting excess steam to preserve food texture and quality.

The New Culinary Classics® Convertible Containers feature a cut-proof, shiny black base that makes the food look fresh and appealing with the new, removable lid that offers a convenient dining experience for the consumer. The structural strength and interlocking base and lid design keep food in place and preventing messy spills while securely stacked in the bag or on display.  All products are made of polypropylene, are reusable, dishwasher-safe, and eligible to be recycled.  All Anchor products are BPA-free.

Anchor Packaging’s products also include upscale take-out packaging used for merchandising prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets and take-out meals in restaurants and other foodservice operations. The Roaster® Series, Incredi-Bowls®,  Culinary Basics®, MicroRaves®, MicroRounds®, Mega-Meal®, Gourmet Classics®, Microlite®, BonFaire®, Crystal Clear®, Crystal Classics®, and AnchorFoil® are among Anchor’s unique product lines that also include foil and film. Custom package design and manufacture is provided for many large food companies in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.