SAFE PINCH Tamper-Evident

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Retailers use our crystal-clear hinged packages to showcase a wide range of fresh foods. The large windows and minimal ribbing keep food visible, whether sold in refrigerated or ambient conditions. The stackable design creates eye-catching displays to increase impulse sales.

Our quick four-corner audible snap closure is user-friendly and also works seamlessly with automated equipment, creating a leak-resistant perimeter seal.

Safe Pinch® containers are available in various shapes and sizes, including sandwich wedges, rectangles from 8 oz. to 64 oz., squares from 6 oz. to 32 oz., and round bowls from 12 to 32 oz. All are produced using FDA-approved post-consumer recycled PETE, making them recyclable curbside in most communities. This environmentally responsible choice ensures a sustainable packaging solution.

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1. How does the "Pinch to Open" feature work?

It’s simple! Just pinch, and our packaging opens with an audible break, creating easy-opening tabs to remove the lid.

2. What happens if someone tries to tamper with the container?

Any tampering is immediately visible through a noticeable separation of the hinge, alerting both store staff to remove and consumers not to accept.

3. Are these containers suitable for displaying various food types?

Absolutely! Our crystal-clear design is perfect for showcasing a wide range of fresh foods, including sandwiches, salads, snacks, baked goods, and more.

4. Can I reclose the package after opening?

Absolutely! Our four-corner audible snap closure will reclose to store leftovers or to re-open multiple times to enjoy nuts, candies, and snacks.

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