Anchorware Reusables


Reusable & Recyclable Packaging

High-Performance, Low Footprint
Anchorware® containers’ durable yet lightweight design provides superior heat retention. Tight closures prevent messy spills. Made with clear polypropylene (PP), these containers require half the energy and 16 times less water to produce versus single-use compostable packaging. All Anchorware® bases and lids remain recyclable after dozens of uses.


Sustainable Innovation & Customer Appeal
Reduce waste and offer a sustainable alternative to single-use. Anchorware® containers deliver reusability without sacrificing convenience. The reuse-focused design protects food quality and provides easy storage to reduce food waste and packaging waste. Consumers recognize these containers’ value, adding appeal to any meal. Deliver on your commitment to sustainability while providing value your customers will seek to re-purchase.

Full Range of Sizes from 16oz to 104oz
Round, square, and rectangular bases offer capacity versatility, while common footprints with interchangeable lids minimize inventory. Easy, one-step, push-button design snaps the lid tight to keep operations running smoothly. Larger sizes provide value-added solutions for catering and meal kits.


Microwavable and Dishwasher-Safe
Designed for convenient dishwasher cleaning and microwave-safe reheating, Anchorware Reusables® deliver multiple reuse cycles. All Anchorware® containers are BPA and PFAS-free.

Offer Sustainability that Consumers Value


Details on All Sizes – From 16oz to 104oz

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